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Why is registration required?

Ole Miss Photobooks™ requires registration to participate. Registration is required to provide all project members with the confidence that their images are secure. In addition, registration provides an easier and more personal experience:

  • We'll remember your profile information and use it during checkout or to pre-fill an order form, when applicable.
  • You can save items in your cart and come back later - after you've gotten feedback from friends or family, or just when it's more convenient for you.
  • We'll NEVER use this information for anything else. Your user name and password keep your information secure.

When you register, you'll provide some personal information to create an account profile. Only those fields with an asterisk (*) are required. You'll also be prompted for a user name and password to keep your profile secure. Both your user name and password must be at least six characters long. You can use numbers and/or letters. We recommend that you select your email address, first and last name, or something else that's easy for you to remember.
To access your project information, you will be required to sign in each time you return.